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春休みはそろそろ始まりますね。English Fun Club は小学校の休みに休憩しますが、4月7日からまた再開します。春休みにMinecraftのクラブを行いますので、よろしければ参加してみてください。

The Spring break is upon us. English Fun Club will be taking a break during the holidays but will resume classes on 7th April. During the Spring break, we will have a Minecraft event, so please join us if you can!

月報 (2018.12)

2018.12 Report.jpg


Merry Christmas! This month, we had many Christmas events. At the cooking classes and Megumi Café, we got to enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas by making Gingerbread houses, and tasting Stollen, hot wine and hot apple juice. We are grateful that 30 over elementary school kids joined us for our Christmas party. It was an enjoyable time of games and snacks. We were also encouraged by the many people who came to our Christmas Eve service. We sang many nostalgic carols and heard the story of Jesus’ birth. At this busy season, there was even a baptism. Congratulations, R-san! We pray that you will know Jesus Christ deeply, and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.


2018.12 Events.jpg

クリスマスが近づいてきます。イエス・キリストのご誕生を一緒に祝いましょう。Christmas is coming soon. Let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ together.

12月13日(木):クリスマスカフェ Christmas Café

12月15日(土):クリスマスパーティー Christmas Kids Party

12月23日(日):クリスマス礼拝 Christmas Service

12月24日(月):イブ礼拝 Christmas Eve Service


2018.10 report.jpg9月30日に収穫感謝祭が行われ、多くの人が果物や野菜を持って教会の前を飾りました。そして、去年と同じように、キリストの愛を示すために地元の児童養護施設に寄付させていただきました。 10月28日に「世の光のつどい」イベントが開かれました。ラジオ放送番組の出演者福井牧師牧師は、聖書をどのように読むかについてメッセージをしてくださいました。このラジオ番組が花巻市のコミュニティにキリストの光として輝き続けるようにと祈ります。

On 30th September, we had our harvest thanksgiving service. Many people brought fruits and vegetables to decorate the front of the church. Like last year, We donated them to the local children’s home to show Christ’s love to the community. On 28th October, we had the ‘Light of the World’ event. Pastor Makoto Fukui of the radio broadcast program gave a message on how to read the bible. We pray that this radio program will continue to be Christ’s light to the community in Hanamaki.


2018.10 世の光の集い.jpg


Do you know ‘Light of the World’? It is a Christian radio program that is broadcast across Japan. In Hanamaki, it can be heard over IBC (Iwate Broadcasting Co., Ltd) Radio every week from Mondays to Fridays at 5:15am. This month, ‘Light of the World’ will be coming to Iwate prefecture! On 28th October, Pastor Makoto Fukui, one of the program broadcasters, will be giving a message in Hanamaki Megumi. Please come to this special event, especially if you listen to the ‘Light of the World’ radio program.


2018.09 Report.jpg今月22日にオータムパーティーを行いました。仮装ゲームをしたり、聖書のお話を聞いたり、お菓子を食べたりしました。多くの友達が来て、楽しい時間を過ごして良かったです。このハロウィーンの時、怖い飾りや恐ろしいコスチュームを見て怖がるかもしれませんが、聖書にはこのように書いています。「恐れるな。わたしはあなたとともにいる。たじろぐな。わたしがあなたの神だから。」(旧約聖書、イザヤ書 41:10)イエス・キリストは私達とともにいるので、何も恐れることは一つありません。

On the 22nd of this month, we had an Autumn party. We had a costume party, heard a bible talk, and ate sweets. Many friends came and we had an enjoyable time. At Halloween, we may become afraid after seeing scary decorations and costumes. However, it is written in the Bible, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.” Jesus Christ is with us, and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

月報 (2018.08)

2018.08 Report.jpg


On the 26th of this month, we had our church picnic. However, we had it in the church instead of the park because of the rain. Nevertheless, we had an enjoyable time. We sang songs, heard a bible story, and played games like ‘Suika wari’ (a game that involves people taking turns trying to split a watermelon while being blindfolded). It may have been dark and rainy outside, but the smiles of everyone inside brightened the day. At Megumi Café on the 30th, we had a Japanese tea instructor come give a Japanese tea ceremony, and we learned much about Japanese tea culture. It was a privilege, even if just a bit, to be able to experience ‘Chado’ (Japanese tea ceremony).