2017.12 Christmas

クリスマスが近づいてきます。 この特別な日を祝うために、12月にいくつかのイベントを予定しています。 シンガポールから来る「スズメの歌」というバンドが、花巻でコンサートをいくつか演奏します。 クリスマスイブにもイベントがあります。 イエス・キリストの誕生を覚えるために、お気軽にお越しください

The Christmas season is coming soon. We have planned several events in December to celebrate the special occasion. Sparrow’s song, a band from Singapore would be coming to give a few concerts in Hanamaki. We would also have two Christmas events on Christmas Eve. Please come and join us to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.


2017.10 Report今月、ヤングご夫妻を教会に温かく歓迎しました。そして、シオン錦秋湖というクリスチャンのキャンプ場ではデイキャンプもありました。ヤング先生は「いつまでも実をみのらせる」という題でメッセージをしてくださいました。その後、紅葉の美しさを眺めながら焚き火の周りにウィーナーを焼いていました。楽しい時間を過ごして感謝します。今月も、総合体育館でジョイキッズのスポーツデイがありました。 毎週日曜日の午前9時に、遊びながら英語を楽しく学べる English Fun Club を行なっています。よろしければ、この様々なイベントに参加してください。

This month, we welcomed Peter & Renate Yonge into the church. We also had a Day Camp at C-On Kinshuko, a Christian campsite. Peter gave a message titled “Bearing fruit at all times.” Later, we had fun roasting wieners over the campfire while admiring the beauty of autumn. We are thankful for the enjoyable time. This month, we also a Joy Kids sports special at the local gymnasium. We currently have English Fun Club, where we learn English while having fun, every Sunday at 9:00. Please join us for these events.


2017.11 Stollen header日にち:11月16日(木)17日(金)24日(金)25日(土)




The popular German cooking class is back! This time, we shall be making the traditional German Christmas cake Stollen, followed by teatime. We would also introduce some Christmas decorations and traditions, and explain the meaning of Christmas. Please join Renate for a good time of cooking and fellowship.


Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 15.47.21今年、多くの祝福を与えてくださった神様に感謝するために、収穫感謝祭(11月5日午前11:00)を行います。前と同じように、イベントのために果物や野菜などを募集しています。そして、その物を児童養護施設に寄付します。収穫感謝祭に興味ある方は教会まで声をかけてください。世界中の国々特にアメリカは、感謝祭の日を祝います。その日も英会話カフェ(午後7:00)を行います。アメリカから来たの方々は感謝祭について様々を教えてくれます。収穫感謝祭にも英会話カフェにも、ぜひご参加ください。

This year, we would be having a Harvest Thanksgiving event (5th November 11:00 a.m.) to thank God for the many blessings this year. Like previous years, we are collecting fruits and vegetables for the event. These would be donated to a children’s orphanage. Please speak to us if you would like to contribute to our Harvest Thanksgiving event. Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated every year, particularly in North America. That evening, we have an English Café. (7:00 p.m. ) Some friends from the United States would be telling us about Thanksgiving Day in America. Please join us for our Harvest Thanksgiving and English Café.




We would like to introduce you to the Yonges, our new team leader. Peter (UK) and Renate (DE) came to Hanamaki in October 2017 to take over the Langhans’ role in the church. Peter previously worked as an English language teacher and Renate worked as a kindergarten teacher. Although they have worked in Japanese churches for 32 years, first in Hokkaido, then Yokohama, Tokyo, Kisarazu and London, this is their first time working in Tohoku. The Yonges are grateful they could meet kind friendly people in nice livable conditions surrounded by beautiful nature. They have two sons and one grandson. Their hobbies include reading, hiking and classical music. Peter and Renate look forward to meeting everyone in Hanamaki. For more information on the missionary team, check this link.

Joy Kids & English Fun Club

10月に様々なイベントがありますので、どうぞご参加ください。7日の10時に、ジョイキッズクラブのスポーツスペシャルが行われます。そして、毎週の日曜日(10/15除く)9時から、English Fun Club が行われます。小学生の皆さん、様々遊びながら英語を覚えましょう!

In October, we have various events coming up. On the 7th, 10:00 a.m., Joy Kids’ Club will be organizing a Sports Special. Every week on Sunday (except 10/15) from 9:00 a.m., we have English Fun Club. To our friends in elementary school, do join us and learn English while having fun!

2017.10 Joy Kids_Sports Special2017.10 EFC

Day Camp 2017

2017.10 Day Camp

10月15日にシオン錦秋湖でDay Campを行います。礼拝が終わってから、キャンプ場で様々なアクティビティや近くの温泉も楽しめることが出来ます。紅葉が進む時に、大自然の中で一緒にキャンプを楽しみませんか。

On 15th October, we will be having a Day Camp at C-on Kinshuko. After our worship service, we could enjoy various activities on the campsite or visit the nearby hot spring. As Autumn comes upon us, please join us and have a fun camping experience.


2017.09 Autumn Kids


From September, our regular activities will resume. Please refer to our activity flyers. Please join us for our Chibikko & Mama (toddlers), Happy Kids (kindergarten level), Joy Kids (Elementary level) and Lydia-kai (Ladies’ group) activities.


2017.08 Report今月、夏休みのため定期活動はお休みですが、二つのエベントが行われました。20日に、ミニーさんのお別れ会(激励会)があり、ミニーさんから近況報告を聞かせてもらいました。そして、ミニーさんが福島県でのご奉仕のために祈りました。27日に、野外礼拝(教会のピクニック)があり、青空の下で自然を楽しめながら祝福された交わりが出来ました。創造主である恵み深い神様に感謝します。

This month, there was a break from our regular activities but we held two events. On the 20th, we had Minnie’s farewell (or encouragement service) and got to hear Minnie’s recent update. We then prayed for her future ministry in Fukushima. On the 27th, there was an outdoor worship service (and church picnic) and we had a blessed time of fellowship while enjoying nature under clear blue skies. We give thanks to our gracious creator God.